Monday, February 3, 2014


(I found a draft of this in a folder from my poetry class nearly two years ago--the writing prompt was about being Fourteen)

I was determined
To beat the odds, to let nothing
No one hold me down
Pain was reality, but reality was so much more
My purpose was clear as I pressed on
Through mud and mire
Well meaning fists of ignorance
Pushed me into it
Mocking my dreams
That even I had not yet discovered
They say you feel
At fourteen, but I knew long since
How small, how frail, how helpless
I was
Oh, to be fourteen!
I pray the day to say it
Never comes.


  1. I haven't been reading blogs lately, but glad I came and checked in on yours. At 46, married but childless, you sort of begin to think that all young people are immoral, idjits like Miley Cyrus, unable to contemplate consequences or plan for the future. You remind me that there are truly beautiful young people in the world, with God in their heart, serving Him body and soul. You have such an amazing spirit, it's a real pleasure to share your life in blog. Love your funky style and quirky humor - you just hang in their, kiddo!

    1. Awwwww, thank you, Elissa! You are so encouraging--and I'm glad I'm not the only one who uses the word "idjit"!! :) Thank you for stopping by!

      Hannah =)